Saturday, 16 July 2011

which sbjects ??

tue diaaaa .. register sbjects tuk sem dpn 8 ogos nieyh .. tp ak xtau lg nk amik sbjects pew .. byk sgt laaa 2nd year pnye chem sbjects .. nk pilih mne satu dlu utk sem dpn pon xtau .. @_@

2nd year core sbjects ad 24 credit hours : mknenye satu sem ak kna amik 12 credit hours utk core sbjects je .. tuh bese laaa, tp cmne nk plih so dat xbrcmpur2 seme +.+

inorganic chemistry *
organic chemistry *
physical chemistry *
industrial chemistry
basic analytical chemistry *
molecular spectroscopy and interpretation
spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry
environmental chemistry

tuh baru core sbjects, blom msuk sbjects pilihan lg .. kalo 2nd year sbject pilihan kna amik 12 credit hour .. mksudnye ak kna amik 6 kdt hours ke stiap sem ??

nuclear chemistry
dietary chemistry
medicinal chemistry
solid state chemistry
industrial organic chemistry
industrial inorganic chemistry
kimia koloid asas
polymer chemistry *
kimia pengkomputan *

( * with lab )

nseb bek sbject u tnggal statistic je lagi .. hee ^_^
really need some advice .. huhu 
seniors, help me plizz 

 xpe2 .. still ad mse nk pk .. 
yg pnting each sem kna amik dua sbject je yg ad lab ..
kalo x mmpos aku asyik msuk lab n bwt report je
huhuuu .. chaiyok !!


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